Järvenpään Blues-Jazz Diggarit ry

Arranging Puistoblues rests in the hands of the association Järvenpään Blues-Jazz Diggarit ry and some 500 volunteers. The association promotes interest in black rhythm music, among other things. It is a member of the Finnish Jazz Federation and the Finland Festivals chain of events.

In 1977, a group of friends of rhythm music began to develop an idea of how to freshen the musical atmosphere of their home city of Järvenpää. A bunch of people called together with an announcement in a local newspaper had the constitutive meeting on November 1st 1977 at the Järvenpää Casino. The association was named Järvenpään Blues-Jazz Diggarit ry.

The early days were somewhat tough, but little by little the association got to arrange concerts. The spring of 1978 saw the birth of the idea that JDBD ry. should have a Blues festival of its very own.

1998 Carlos Santana

1978, kuva JBJD arkisto

The first festival

After some thinking, Vanhankylänniemi lakeside area was picked up as the stage for the festival. In the summer of 1978, some thirty volunteers of the association put together the first Puistoblues. The event had an audience of about 500 friends of blues.

Puistoblues today

Today, Puistoblues is one of the biggest blues events in Europe. Almost all of the big names in blues have visited Järvenpää. Simultaneously with Puistoblues, there are events for children and of street music.

The Finnish national broadcasting company Yleisradio and various commercial TV broadcasting companies have recorded the event during several years and Puistoblues has gained wide press coverage. Since the beginning of 1994, Puistoblues has been a member of the Finnish Festivals chain of events. In recognition for its work, the association was nominated in 1994 as the ”Järvenpääläinen”, or Citizen of Järvenpää, of the year.

Record Fair

An Annual Record Fair takes place at Järvenpää-talo.

Support for Bands

The association works to support local bands´ activities, such as concerts and recordings. The amount of support depends however to a great extent on the economic situation of the association.

Record Publications

During the years, Järvenpään Blues-Jazz Diggarit ry. has published several single records and participated in the production costs of one LP record.

The Paks Friendship Festival

The Blues, Jazz & Gastronomics Festival, which is arranged in the Hungarian city of Paks, is a friendship festival of Puistoblues. Read about it in Hungarian at www.gastroblues.hu

1988 @ Timo Kilpeläinen

1996 @ Auvo Lukki


Puistoblues is the only world-scale festival in Finland, perhaps in the whole world, arranged totally by using volunteer workforce. Arranging Puistoblues rests mainly in the hands of the members of the association and a total of around 600 volunteers every year. 70 of them are completely in charge of a specific area. The volunteers play a major role in the absolutely relaxed atmosphere of Puistoblues.

Become a member – digging is cool

As a Digger, you will be one of a team of solid friends of blues.

Membership fees:
• 10 € per year, members under 18 years 5 € per year
• enterprises and communities, 200 € per year
• lifetime membership, supporter membership, 200 €

Banking connections:
• Keski-Uudenmaan Osuuspankki 509209 – 112143
• OKOYFIHH – FI29 5092 0910 0121 43

Please fill in the bank transfer with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address, if you have one. If you wish to become a volunteer, tell us about your skills by sending an e-mail to info@puistoblues.fi